Jeep NP-249 Viscous Coupler Replacement

Here's a quick how-to on replacing the Viscous Coupler on a 249
I did mine (with some much-needed help) but neglected to take pictures
so these pictures and commentary are courtesy of Joe Eckenrod. Thanks Joe!

I got my replacement VC from in Las Vegas. $427.00 U.S.
Beats $1300.00 CDN from the stealership.
Note that it is possible to do this with the case in the vehicle, but getting the
first snap ring off (and back on again) would be a royal pain. So it's easier with it off.
In my case I had trouble getting my TC off as the top bolt was a real pain,
but had a mechanic friend bail me out :) We dropped the crossmember and lowered
the tranny a bit on a jack, to get more access
Drain the case first, then drain it some more when it's off, it'll bleed ATF from
every orifice. I'm still cleaning my garage floor....
Steve's note: You may want to remove the speedometer sensor, as it would be easy to break it
while manhandling the TC. The rear cover might be stuck on quite well.

Steve's note: Note how the oil line disconnects, remember to reconnect it later.

Steve's note: I used pliers like Joe's in the photos, plus my friend had a good pair
of Snap-On flat pliers that worked really well for those ones.